BWCo_1Fort Point Place is situated in the Fort Point channel area as part of the Seaport District,  which years ago consisted of  mostly industrial buildings or barren land. Now FPP is in the heart of the oldest artist community in New England.  About 10 years ago, the Institute for Contemporary Art relocated to this area on Boston Harbor and is a convenient walk for residents to enjoy the many exhibitions and activities.  The Boston Children’s Museum, with its iconic Milk Bottle snack and ice cream shop, is adjacent to the channel and provide scenic outdoor space for children and adults alike.

Once home to the famous Channel Nightclub, where many in the 1970-80′s may  have seen some of their favorite indie rock bands, the area is  now home to another kind of artist following: Photographers, Painters and Innovators of Technology.  With the Harbor Walk public access walk way,  the Fort Point Channel no longer divides the city, but connects the Seaport District with other neighborhoods in Boston; from South Boston to the North End.

For years  the Seaport area had no particular identity and until recently, had  been primarily identified as the  home of Anthony’s Pier 4, which had been one of Boston’s BWCo_2premier restaurants. Since the construction of the  World Trade Center, Boston Conference and Convention Center and the Big Dig, the Seaport area has experienced significant development that includes hotels, office buildings, residences, restaurants and shops.  In addition to the deeded parking spaces within the building, the neighborhood provides  parking garages, as well as metered and residential permit parking spaces, which provide convenient access to the many restaurants in the area.  Outdoor space, such as the newly completed park on A Street, provide residents with a play ground for children, community gardens, a dog park and open grassy areas to enjoy. Many organizations, such as The Friends of Fort Point Channel, provides information on activities and other important information about the neighborhood. To find out more, go to or